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BOONE COUNTY, Ind.–If you had a child runaway or get lost, you might have to depend on the work of a police dog, like Justice. She’s a Bloodhound, donated to the Boone County Sheriff’s Dept. by a training facility that specializes in training police Bloodhounds in York, South Carolina.

“Her purpose is search and rescue,” said her handler, Deputy Travis Sutphin. He’s training with Justice eight hours a day.

“We set up different scenarios. We try to do things that could happen in real life,” he said.

That includes setting up trails, the kind that might be left behind by runaway or lost kids, or adults who need help, or, if need be, suspects. Sutphin said he’s taking justice through parking lots, buildings and the woods.

Justice will likely finish training and go to work toward the end of the year.

“I’m very excited. She’s doing very well in training and I can’t wait to use her,” said Sutphin.