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MANCHESTER, NH.–Former Vice President and Indiana Governor Mike Pence says he would consider testifying before the January 6th House committee.

“If there was an invitation to participate, I would consider it,” Pence said during the Politics & Eggs event held at St. Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire Wednesday morning.

Pence said if he were invited to testify before House investigators, he would have to “reflect on the unique role that I was serving in as vice president.”

Pence said it would be “unprecedented in history for a Vice President to be summoned to testify on Capitol Hill.”

“If there were ever any formal invitation rendered to us, we’d give it due consideration, but my first obligation is to continue to uphold my oath, continue to uphold the framework of government enshrined in the Constitution,” said Pence.

FBI Search at Mar-A-Lago

Pence said he was “deeply troubled” to learn the search warrant was executed at the personal residence of former President Donald Trump and reiterated his call to Attorney General Merrick Garland to explain why the search was necessary.

“Never before in American history has the personal residence of a former president been subject to a search warrant, and in the wake of the four years that we endured the politicization of the FBI, the American people have a right to know the basis for this. This unprecedented action does demand unprecedented transparency,” said Pence.

Pence also said that any calls to abolish the FBI are just as wrong as claims that the police need to be defunded.