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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — A Terre Haute man is in jail after going on drugs and wielding a knife around a school bus stop.

Around 7:00a.m. Monday, a Vigo County school bus driver called 911 after witnessing Christopher Greenlee (51) acting erratically by an area where children gather to wait for the bus.

Officers arrived to find the man, holding a knife, and believed him to be influenced by drugs. When confronted, Greenlee spoke incoherently about bats flying around him and spoke to people that were not there. Two hostage negotiators and several other officers trained in de-escalation techniques tried to end the situation.

However, that appeared not to have worked, because officers used a taser to put Greenlee in custody. Greenlee instead managed to rip the wires from the taser off of himself multiple times. It took the taser, less lethal sponge rounds, pepper balls, and a ballistic shield to pin Greenlee to the ground.

While Greenlee was already down he still managed to swing the knife around, so the shield was used to allow an officer to safely take the knife away.

Once Greenlee was in cuffs, he was taken to be checked out at a hospital, then to the Vigo County Jail where he is charged with criminal recklessness and resisting law enforcement. A petition for immediate detention was given so Greenlee could receive a mental health evaluation.