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GREENWOOD, Ind.--No drugs or alcohol were detected in the Greenwood Park Mall shooter’s blood. The Johnson County coroner confirmed that Friday afternoon after getting back toxicology tests.

Coroner Mike Pruitt said Jonathan Sapirman, 20, did have cotinine in his body, which is a substance found in tobacco.

That likely eliminates drugs or alcohol as a possible reason for the shooting.

Thursday federal authorities said they could not recover any data from Sapirman’s laptop, which he left baking in an over in his apartment before proceeding to the mall with several guns, and emerging from the bathroom shooting.

Seconds later he was fatally shot by Eli Dicken, of Seymour, who has been called a hero for stopping the shooting.

It was discovered that Sapirman has chucked his cell phone in a mall bathroom toilet. Whatever his reasons or motives, he may have taken all of that with him.