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BEECH GROVE, Ind. — Mike Renfro, the head boys basketball coach at Beech Grove High School, has been arrested on drug charges.

Renfro was pulled over on I-70 near New Castle Monday morning. He was driving too slowly on the interstate. Police suspected he was intoxicated. he failed several field sobriety tests. Court documents say he refused to do the one-leg stand test because “a sober person couldn’t even do it.”

Police searched his car and found several small baggies of a white powdery substance. It was confirmed to be cocaine, in all it amounted to two grams.

Investigators say traveling with that amount of cocaine is reason to believe that Renfro was intending to deliver the drugs somewhere, which means he is being charged not only with possessing cocaine, but dealing as well.

Dr. Laura Hammack, superintendent of Beech Grove, released a statement to parents on Renfro’s arrest.

“Like you, I am deeply troubled by these allegations,” Hammack said in the statement. “The district intends to fully cooperate with law enforcement officers as they conduct their investigation. Because this is an ongoing investigation, there is little else we can share now.”

Renfro has been suspended from his teaching and coaching duties at Beech Grove while the investigation progresses. He led the Hornets to their first-ever boys basketball state championship in Class 3A back in March.