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BOONE COUNTY, Ind. — A kidnapping from Wisconsin ended in Whitestown early this morning.

Two young adults from South Carolina, Ramogi Caldwell (23) and Bresha Goode (21), kidnapped two infants from Kenosha, Wisconsin.

They drove down I-65 when Whitestown police spotted the car – which already had a look-out alert sent for it – and the officers called backup.

They trailed that car down to I-865 when they finally confronted the kidnappers with the help from multiple different police agencies including: The Boone County Sheriff’s Office, The Lebanon Police department, and The Zionsville Police Department.

“The driver was reported to be armed and dangerous, so by adjusting our tactics and that showing of more officers can lead to a safer result,” says Captain John Jurkash with the Whitestown Metropolitan Police.

After that high-risk stop, both Caldwell and Goode were arrested without incident. They are waiting extradition to Kenosha, WI.

According to Jurkash, the infants were safe but sent to the hospital to be checked out. They were given to the custody of The Department of Child Services and are now waiting to be returned to their parents.