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NORTH VERNON, Ind. — The coroner has released the cause of death for an inmate at the Jennings County Jail from back in May.

Sandra Ray was pulled over for drunk driving on May 24th. Two days later she was found unconscious in her cell and later pronounced dead. The coroner says Ray died of complications with alcoholism and withdrawal.

Ray had been in alcohol withdrawal assessment at the jail in the days prior to her death. She had a BAC three times the legal limit when she was arrested.

From the time she was booked, Ray was checked on three times by jail staff, according to court documents. Jail workers said that Ray appeared agitated, was sweating, and did not feel good. All are symptoms of withdrawal.

After the second check, documents said despite Ray not feeling well, a physician was not called to her cell. The third assessment came two days after her initial arrest in which her symptoms and vital signs were not checked because staff believed she was asleep.

The coroner says her death was natural. It’s not likely any criminal charges will be filed.