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FT WAYNE, Ind.--Cohen Hancz-Barron was sentenced Friday to four life terms in prison without the possibility of parole. His attorneys now say he will appeal that sentence.

Barron was convicted in May, of the 2021 murders of Sarah Zent, 26, and her three children Carter, 5; Ashton, 3; and Aubree, 2, by strangulation and stabbing inside their home in Ft. Wayne. Their bodies were all on their mother’s bed.

Hancz-Barron then fled and was caught in Lafayette.

In his trial Hancz-Barron’s drug problem and mental illness were brought up, but were not considered sufficient excuses for the murders.

In court Tuesday morning, he told the judge via video link, that he planned to appeal the sentence. He must also file a formal appeal, documenting reasons why he believes the sentence was inappropriate.

“Nothing we do in a courtroom eases their pain. We know they’re still suffering,” said Allen County Prosecutor Tom Chaille, immediately following the trial and guilty verdict and jury recommendation of life without parole. “But, at least hopefully there’s a little bit of relief that the person that’s responsible for what happened will be in prison the rest of his life.”