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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will be headlining “Unite and Win” Rallies for a handful of key GOP Candidates. DeSantis is set to be a keynote speaker for several rallies hosted by Turning Point Action, the lobbying arm of founder Charlie Kirk.

The Turning Point Action rallies will support Kari Lake, Blake Masters, J.D. Vance, Doug Mastriano Mark Ronchetti and Yvette Herrell. Each GOP candidate has won their primaries in their states and will face their Democratic counterpoints in November. Lake, Masters, and Vance have all landed endorsements from former president Trump before the primaries.

Tony Katz says it will be very interesting to see how these MAGA supporters will react to DeSantis on the campaign trail.

“DeSantis is testing where he is at with Trump supporters…DeSantis is saying ‘here I am, here’s my support, what’ve you got for me?’…there is so much to unpack here.”

Charlie Kirk told Fox News recruiting DeSantis to participate in the rallies was a no brainer.

“Gov. DeSantis is America’s governor and one of the most popular leaders in America…That he is willing to throw the full weight of his support behind Kari, Blake, and JD tells you everything you need to know about these incredible candidates who I endorse and support 100%.”

The rallies will take place in New Mexico and Arizona on August 14 and Pennsylvania and Ohio on August 19.