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Alex Jones’ legal team is absolutely horrid.

Granted, the InfoWars host hasn’t exactly set them up for success in his trial for defamation pertaining to the deadly Sandy Hook school shooting. Jones, a controversial conspiracy theorist had long maintained the shooting was a hoax. In other words, he’s a moron.

Still, morons who are millionaires ought to have the funds to hire competent attorneys.

On Wednesday, during an exchange between Jones and Mark Bankston, a lawyer representing the parents of a six-year-old boy killed in the 2012 attack, the InfoWars host learned his attorneys “messed up” and sent “every text message” to his legal adversaries that Jones had written in the past two years.

The texts directly contradict claims Jones had nothing on his phone pertaining to the deadly Sandy Hook shooting.

Jones was sued by the parents of a six-year-old boy killed in the 2012 attack for defamation. On Thursday, a jury awarded the family $4.1 million in damages. That, of course, is on top of Jones’ legal fees.

So all things considered, the money Jones paid out to his legal defense team has been a pretty solid investment.