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FORT WAYNE, Ind. — A Fort Wayne drug ring’s story finally got it’s conclusion. Six people have been convicted, and if you add up the years for each individual conviction, prosecutors handed out over 100 years of prison time.

Court documents say 56-year-old Eddie Knox of Fort Wayne and his five partners began selling meth and fentanyl in May of 2019. They continued selling the drugs until August of 2020. Knox did not know that some of the buyers were undercover cops, who were hard at work gathering vital information needed to put an end to the drug ring.

The group sold about 393 grams of meth and 98 grams of fentanyl in total, according to court documents. Knox also gave a gun to a felon during one of the drug deals.

Knox was sentenced to 25 years in prison, plus another 5 years of supervised release. The other members of the drug ring that have been convicted are:

  • Fredrick Morgan II, 43 years old, of Fort Wayne, who received 30 years in prison
  • Larry Lamb, 41 years of age, of Fort Wayne, who received about 25 years in prison
  • Frederick Morgan, 65 years old, of Fort Wayne, who received 7 and a half years in prison
  • James Russell, Jr., 56 year old, of Fort Wayne, who received 7 years in prison
  • Sarah Waltz, 41 years old, of Fort Wayne, who received about 3 years in prison

Several law enforcement agencies helped in the investigation, including the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and the Drug Enforcement Administration, Indiana State Police, Allen County Sheriff’s Department, Allen County Drug Task Force, Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Huntington Police Department, Auburn Police Department, and the Fort Wayne Police Department.