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WASHINGTON–Indiana Republican Congressman Jim Banks says it is rare for him to agree with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, but on Thursday morning he said she did the right thing by going to Taiwan.

“I’m glad she went to Taiwan to show support for their sovereignty and the people there. We should never back down to bullies from the Chinese communist party,” said Banks in an interview with 93 WIBC’s Tony Katz.

Banks says the bigger disappointment is President Biden.

“The bigger problem that I have here is that the President tried to deter the Speaker from going there in the first place. The projection of that level of weakness from the top level of our government is unforgivable. That raises the larger questions about the Commander-in-Chief and the type of weakness that we project almost on a daily basis at this point in America,” said Banks.

China carried out live-fire drills Thursday around Taiwan. Following Pelosi’s departure, China deployed ships and scrambled jets to begin the drills. Taiwan has characterized the move as a violation of international law. The drills are supposed to last through the weekend.

“America’s determination to preserve democracy in Taiwan and around the world remains iron-clad,” said Pelosi in her visit to Taiwan.

Banks and Katz also discussed the death of Indiana Republican Congresswoman Jackie Walorski.

“She was a rare great person that you could look up to in Congress. To follow her in a speaking order was always something I hated to do because she always brought the fire. That’s what I admired about her and what so many will miss about her,” said Banks.

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