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The virgin dweebs of Gen Con are threatening to pull their upcoming convention from Indianapolis over the state’s abortion bill.

David Hoppe, the president of Gen Con and abortion enthusiast, says the organization supports a woman’s right to choose and the passage of Senate Bill 1 “will make it more difficult for us to remain committed to Indiana as our long-term annual home.”

“Reproductive rights are human rights,” Gen Con said in a statement. “Like many of you, we are hurt, angry, and frustrated by recent events, including the recent advancement of SB1 by the Indiana General Assembly.

“These actions have a direct impact on our team and our community, and we are committed to fighting for safety, tolerance, and justice in all the places we operate.”

Yes, the fine people of Gen Con are all about bodily autonomy. That’s why they require attendees at the convention to be fully-vaxxed and wear a face diaper.

By the way, this is not the first time that Gen Con has turned its mystical powers of woke-ism against the state of Indiana.

In 2015, the organization threatened to pull its convention from the city over RFRA, the Religious Freedom Law.

Look, Gen Con brings a LOT of money to Indy, which is great. The problem is that they regularly use that as leverage against the state to force their woke-ism crap down Hoosiers’ throats.

To be clear: these dorks who think they know what laws are best for the people of Indiana spend their days playing Dungeons and Dragons while the rest of us get up at the crack of dawn and go work for a living.

And now, April Gregory with a final word on the matter:

And scene.