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The Indiana Senate narrowly advanced the controversial abortion bill Saturday by a vote of 26-20. 26 ‘yes’ votes are the bare minimum required for a bill to pass.

10 Republicans joined Democrats in opposing it. Some opposed say there shouldn’t be exceptions for rape and incest, while others argued the bill is too strict or otherwise flawed.

The bill bans nearly all abortions in Indiana unless the mother’s life is at risk. The only exceptions are in cases of rape and incest, where abortion would be permissible within eight weeks of the assault — 12 weeks if the victim is under 16.

“For pro-life advocates, this legislation is better than what is currently on the books,” WIBC’s Rob Kendall told listeners Monday. “The question you have to ask yourself is whether ‘better’ is ‘good enough.'”

Kendall says the flaws in the bill are so glaring that it’s nearly impossible to declare its advancement to the Indiana House and potential passage this week a “success.”

Kendall & Casey explain in the clip below.