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GREENFIELD, Ind.–A man was shot and killed Sunday morning by Greenfield Police.

The shooting happened on Bobtail Dr. at 8:41 a.m.  State Police Sgt. John Perrine said police got several calls from neighbors in the area.

“They immediately called 911 and officers arrived on the scene within three minutes to find an adult female victim in distress,” said Perrine.

Perrine says Darrin Baker, 56, of Indianapolis attacked the woman.

“She was in a car by herself. When she arrived at home, this man was outside her home. He walked up to her vehicle, fired a shot through her window, forcibly removed her from the car, and drug her into the house,” said Perrine.

When Officer Jarrod Davis and another officer arrived three minutes later, they went in through an open garage door, heard the woman scream, and saw Baker assaulting her while armed with a pistol.

Officer Davis shot Baker, who fell to the ground. Despite life-saving measures, he died later at the hospital.

The officers got the woman away from the man. She is injured but recovering. No officers were hurt.

“There is evidence that has to be processed. It has to be looked at. There are still some interviews to conduct with people who were involved, with officers who were involved. We still have some questions. We’re hoping through the process of the investigation that we’ll be able to answer all of those questions,” said Perrine.

Davis has been a police officer with the Greenfield Police Department for three and a half years.

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