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WASHINGTON--Congresswoman Victoria Spartz (R-Ind.) is accusing the Biden administration of warbling in their pro-Ukrainian stance. She has also accused the Ukrainian government of corruption and not taking the war seriously. Her comments of late have drawn her negative attention from other Republicans, quoted anonymously in a Politico article, saying her comments could undermine the war effort and Western alliances.

Spartz told WIBC’s Tony Katz that she completely believes what she’s saying about both the Ukrainian government and the Biden administration, and that Pres. Volodymyr Zelensky is somewhat naïve, coming from a theater background, and may not have the material to lead in the war against Russia.

Spartz is suspicious of the Biden administration, saying some of them are the same ones from the Obama administration who “gave Georgia to Russia, gave Crimea to Russia”.

LISTEN: Tony Katz Interviews Congresswoman Victoria Spartz

“I think they are wanting Russia to have a big part of eastern Ukraine,” she said. “They’re really sabotaging from my perspective.”

Spartz, who is the only Ukraine-born member of Congress, told Katz that the administration is pro-China, giving money to the U.N., “that serves Russia and China”.

“They go to United Nations that are full of Russian and Chinese spies and this is a problem, and this is American money and they don’t want to be challenged.”

Spartz offered no evidence beyond her words, of the corruption of which she has accused the administration.

“This is administration failed. It was a disaster what happened in Afghanistan. They’re doing exactly the same thing where we don’t lead, we don’t manage,” she said.

She said she believes Ukraine to be “infiltrated” by Russian influences. She also said the Biden administration, in her opinion, has been doing a poor job of supporting the people on the ground who are fighting to keep Russia at bay.

“We could deal with it. We could have a better, more effective mechanism to help Ukraine better. But, we’re not doing that,” she said. “Just be honest with them and just say, you know what? I’m gonna be dragging my feet. I’m going to be not helping enough. Just be on your own and figure out if you’re going to be dying there.”

Spartz brushed off comments by Republicans that indicate she might be naïve and undermining the U.S. effort to keep a solid alliance together.

“I think if you have the tabloid media and the establishment attacking you, you’re doing something right. If Politico is on your case, you’re doing something right,” she said. “This is the people who write books and sit here and they don’t see real life and it’s full of academics. They all discuss all of these things, but they never go on the ground and see real people.”