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WESTFIELD, Ind. — City leaders in Westfield are looking to sell the Grand Park sports campus.

The city says they have 16 bidders lined up to make their case on why they want to buy the massive facility which first opened in 2014. Westfield spent millions of dollars to build it and now still owes $80 million on it.

“It’s the most unique asset in the Midwest,” said Westfield city councilor Jake Gilbert on WISH-TV. “I don’t think we should sell it. It serves our people in a lot of ways.”

Gilbert, who is also the head football coach at Westfield High School, is of the opinion the city doesn’t need to sell it, especially with the campus taking in $2.6 million in profits last year from it. Not to mention the amount of growth the city has seen spring up around the facility.

“There may certainly be a time where it is best to sell Grand Park, but right now I think it’s an appreciating asset,” “I don’t think you sell appreciating assets. We bought (the land) for $6 million, not the land around it is worth over $500,000 an acre.”

But, other city leaders believe despite that, it’s not enough to pay off what the city owes to have built it.

The city has floated the idea of a public-private partnership where the city can still take in some revenue from the facility without having to worry about the amount of debt hanging over the facility.

Two appraisals have been done on Grand Park and the Westfield Redevelopment Commission, which operates Grand Park, will make a final decision on the winning bid. Grand Park cannot be sold below its appraised value.