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STATE HOUSE--A line formed outside the Indiana Statehouse Monday morning while people waited to get through security to go inside and rally. Most were there to oppose a proposed abortion ban, announced last week by Senate Republicans. Some were there to speak against abortion.

“We want abortion to be abolished in the State of Indiana. So, no exceptions. We want God’s righteous law to prevail in the land,” said a man from northern Indiana, who called himself an “abolitionist”. “The killing of unborn babies is unacceptable in God’s law, in natural law. It needs to be ended.”

But, that’s not what legislators are proposing. Senate Bill 1 bans abortion with exceptions for rape, incest and if the life of the mother is in danger. Indiana Right to Life has said that’s unacceptable because of the exceptions.

LISTEN: People at the Statehouse talk about why they were there (We call this MOS in radio, Man on the Street)

Most people at the Statehouse Monday, though, believe it’s a woman’s right to choose.

“I’m pretty angry that I have to do it again,” said a woman who is 72 now. When she was 22 she marched in favor of abortion rights. She said the group at the Statehouse Monday was much different from the marches in which she participated 50 years ago.

“Let’s face it. We had experience marching back then. We protested the war. We went right from the war to Roe v. Wade. So, we had thousands of people chaining themselves to the door.”

She said she does not believe people are willing to take the same risks now. But, for some people the answer is not chains, it’s educating themselves and lawmakers.

“Doctor-patient privilege is private for a reason. Women’s health care is not the legislature’s business except for when it comes to like licensing doctors,” said one woman. “Deciding when life begins is a religious issue, not a question of science. Until somebody can scientifically demonstrate when life begins, there are multiple religions that disagree. The Bible says life begins with first breath. So…”

Vice Pres. Kamala Harris landed in Indianapolis around 11 a.m., speaking briefly about her reasons for meeting with state lawmakers after getting off of Air Force 2.

“Indiana’s the first state in the nation after the Dobbs decision to hold a special session where they have proposed legislation that will essentially and effectively ban access to abortion for the women of this state,” she said.

Harris said she would tell lawmakers that abortion should be a woman’s decision.

Some women rallying at the Statehouse agree with Harris.

“They’ve already got their minds made up and it’s all men. They need to get ’em out and they need get women in the house and make changes. No man has any right to say what we should do to our bodies, at all.”