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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is absolutely beside himself that more broke and struggling Americans don’t rush right out and finance a new or used electric car to combat rising gas prices.

“I’m still astonished that some folks – and I felt this as I was testifying in Congress yesterday – some folks really struggle to let go of the status quo,” Buttigieg said during an appearance on CNBC of Americans’ reluctance to send their perfectly good and reliable gas-powered vehicle to the crusher.

But wait! Didn’t President Joe Biden just do a victory lap this week over gas prices dropping a whopping $0.20 per gallon? With that kind of financial relief, who needs an electric car?

Side Note: If you think $0.20 per gallon is impressive, just wait until you see how much gas prices plummet once Biden is out of office!

But Pete has a point. After all, oil won’t last forever. The earth is getting older and potentially in cognitive decline. She could forget how to convert decaying organic matter into a useable energy source any day now. We’ve got to plan ahead. And if there’s one thing the Biden administration does exceptionally well, it’s planning ahead for an energy crisis…

Anyway, get yourself an electric car ASAP. There’s nothing like the thrill of zipping down the road from charging station to charging station, organic kumbucha in cupholder, taking in the beautiful sights of our nation’s many abandoned and poverty-stricken industrial towns that were obliterated by Democrat policies.

And while doing so, why not listen to a segment of the Kendall & Casey Show, eh?