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Former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is calling for the Department of Education to be abolished. DeVos, who led the Department of Education under Trump, says the department “should not exist” at all.

DeVos was the keynote speaker at a “Moms for Liberty” summit in Tampa, Florida when she made the claim that education decisions should come from state and local boards. “Moms for Liberty” is a parental-right group that fights for parental rights at “all levels of government.”

The former education Secretary was a frequent target of teacher unions when she was in power. DeVos recently told Fox News that parents are tired of fighting for their children’s basic rights in school, including mask mandates and progressive curriculums such as critical race theory.

“Parents across the country are upset for a variety of reasons with how the system has handled the last two years. And they remain upset and they… want to have control of their children’s education.” 

The Department of Education announced a National Parents and Families Engagement Council earlier this month that would help parents engage with their schools. The committee has received major criticism of downplaying parents’ roles in education.

Tony Katz discuses his support on abolishing the Education Department and breaking the teacher union in half: