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GREENWOOD, Ind. — Multiple police departments are responding to Greenwood Park Mall.

An officer confirmed to reporters that four people are dead and that the shooting was in the food court area.

Greenwood Police Chief Jim Ison said the shooting happened right at 6 p.m.

“This type of situation is horrible. It has rocked us to our core,” said Ison.

LISTEN: Greenwood Police Chief Jim Ison 

He said the adult male shooter had a rifle with several rounds of ammo, entered the food court and began shooting.

He said the shooter is dead.

There were six total victims. Four, including the shooter, are dead. Ison said he did not have a motive.  He said a person whom he described as a “good Samaritan” shot and killed the shooter.

“The real hero of the day was the citizen who was lawfully carrying,” he said of the person who killed the shooter. That person was only ID’d as a 22-year-old from Bartholomew County.

Police do not believe there is any threat to the public.

Ison said at 9:30 p.m. that several SWAT teams had cleared all of the stores, making sure no one else involved in the shooting was there.

An officer at the mall said shortly before 8 that people who were inside the mall when the shooting happened were being interviewed and would be bussed to a location to be released to family.