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INDIANAPOLIS — The case of a quadruple murder has been dismissed.

Nicholas Dunn is accused of shooting and killing Terry Bettis, Sherri Taylor, Tiara Turner and Davon Whitlock inside a home on North Harding Street back in 2015. Court documents claim Dunn held the women hostage and then used them to lure Whitlock into the home, eventually killing all four. Dunn was arrested in 2019.

The matter of State of Indiana v. Nicholas Dunn has been dismissed because of “significant evidentiary challenges,” according to the motion released by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office Friday. Two key witnesses, one of which was absolutely essential to the case, have both died.

In 2018, Tracy Figures, a woman whom became the State’s essential witness, told police that Dunn confessed to her that he committed the murders. Dunn also admitted to police that he had been inside that home multiple times. Figures’ info was the entire foundation for the charges. She died last year from health issues.

Edmund Powell, the second witness, has also died since the case has been filed.

The motion also says that the suspect’s DNA evidence, which was found on a bottle and two cigarette butts, are circumstantial and not directly connected to the crime. The State has since learned those DNA results were compromised and not admissible in court.

Nicholas Dunn will remain in police custody on a charge of aggravated battery with a bond of $200,000. The State plans to submit the DNA for more forensic testing. If you know anything about this case, call the Prosecutor’s Office.

Michael Leffler with the Prosecutor’s Office said in the press release:

“Our thoughts are with the families during this unimaginably difficult time. The Prosecutor’s Office remains committed to pursuing justice on behalf of the victims and their families and strongly encourages anyone with information regarding these homicides to come forward.”