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ZIONSVILLE, Ind.— Town leaders in Zionsville can cover payroll and keep gas in the police cars and fire trucks, but they can’t do much else. That is because a software glitch has left them unable to pay their bills.

You might remember what Town Council President Jason Plunkett said at a meeting in June.

“I did ask that we keep it on the agenda so we could yet again just publicly state our concerns with OpenGov. The platform will not allow the finance team at this point to even get basic data to run our claims on time,” said Plunkett.

Plunkett says the town can’t see how much money it has, how much money it owes, or what bills need to be paid.

Other central Indiana towns use the OpenGov software. Westfield uses the software in limited applications. Westfield Clerk-Treasurer Cindy Gossard says a call to her could have saved Zionsville a lot of trouble.

“I understand that OpenGov is a robust system, and it never worked for us and obviously it never worked for Zionsville. They never called and asked for my opinion on the software itself,” said Gossard.

WISH-TV reports that Zionsville spent close to $150,000 to have the OpenGov installed, with annual fees adding up to $69,000.

“The mayor is the only person who can make that decision, as the mayor is the only person who can enter into a contract on behalf of the Town. Just like the decision to change last time, that process is handled by the mayor, and presented to the Town Council for funding,” said Plunkett.

The Zionsville Town Council was scheduled to meet next on Monday, but, as of Wednesday night, that meeting has been canceled.