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(INDIANAPOLIS) – Governor Holcomb says he won’t weigh in publicly on a bill restricting abortion in Indiana until a bill is introduced.

Holcomb said last month he has “no red lines” on what the bill should include. In a Q&A with reporters on Tuesday, Holcomb brought up that comment himself, saying that “doesn’t mean ‘anything goes.'” He says he’s been involved in discussions with legislators as they try to craft a bill before a special session begins July 25.

“What I meant was, I have not laid out any ultimatums to say this is what should be in or shouldn’t be in, or can be in or couldn’t be in for me,” Holcomb said. “What we have agreed upon is to listen and learn.”

Holcomb does say he hopes any bill will be coupled with expanded services for pregnant women and new mothers. He says that would have been part of his budget proposal in January anyway. But he declined to say whether the eventual bill should include exceptions for rape or for the life of the mother. He’s also not commenting on a Biden administration statement Monday, advising that federal law obligates doctors to administer appropriate treatment in case of a medical emergency, irrespective of any state laws restricting abortion.

Holcomb says legislators he’s talked with are taking a thoughtful and thorough view of the issue, and says given the complex and emotionally charged nature of the issue, the introduced bill is likely to change as it moves through the House and Senate.

The special session technically began last week, but legislative Republicans agreed with Holcomb to put off actually convening for 19 days while they work on the bill. Holcomb originally called the special session to seek a tax rebate for Hoosiers, before the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade added abortion to the agenda.