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ELKHART, Ind.–You should be aware of a scam that’s happening in Elkhart. People are getting packages they did not order. Someone shows up and claims the package and then the victim is stuck with the bill. While it hasn’t been reported in other places in Indiana, police say the scammers are likely to try it somewhere else.

“Individuals have received a package at their residence and the package has their address on it. It has their name on it. But, it was something the resident did not order,” said Jessica McBrier, spokesperson for the Elkhart Police Dept.

She said that after the package is delivered someone shows upo to claim it, saying the package was meant for them but was sent to the victim by mistake.

“They give the individual who showed up at the door the package and after the individual leaves they realize that they have been billed for the items that were in the package,” said McBrier.

LISTEN: Jessica McBrier, spokesperson for Elkhart Police, on the scam

In some cases the items have been expensive ones, like an iPhone 13.

McBrier said that the fact the victims are both getting the package and being billed indicates the scammers have been able to get their info somehow.

“We are still piecing together where they are getting that information from,” she said. McBrier said their department is investigating the identity deception aspect, as well as the fraudulent delivery of the packages.

If you get a package with items that you did not order, and it has your name and address on it, she says first contact the company that sent it to see if there’s been a mistake. Then, let them know what happened so you can make arrangements to return the item or items so you won’t be responsible for the bill.

McBrier said they are not aware of the scam having been tried outside of Elkhart.

“Frequently with scams they kind of go in cycles. So, it is safe to say there are probably people trying this n other areas.”