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INDIANAPOLIS — Rep. Andre Carson (D) has represented Indianapolis in Congress for 14 years. His Republican opponent in the November election says in that time span he has “not done much.”

“Only two bills that he has proposed actually became a law,” said Angela Grabovsky (R) on Indy Politics. “One is to change a name on a federal building and one is to name November National Pancreatic Cancer Month.”

Though Grabovsky agrees that those bills were important, she wonders what those pieces of legislation have specifically done for the people he represents in Marion County. She believes who is representing Indianapolis needs to have eyes on the issues at home, of which she says the biggest issue is crime.

“A hundred murders in the first six months this year,” Grabovsky said. “We need the laws and rules that are coming from federal and local levels to keep crime from happening.”

A native of Ukraine who fled the former Soviet Union as a political and religious refugee, Grabovsky is a naturalized American citizen who has built a career as a financial planner. A big focal point of her platform is the economy.

“(Congress) really needs somebody who understands the budget,” she said. “And who understands that printing money, especially in the amounts they have been printing, is not good for our economy.”

That’s where she lays the sole reason for high inflation is that government spending is too much and being enabled the endless printing of more money.

As a financial planner, she also expects a recession to happen in the near future as well.