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INDIANAPOLIS — The H5 avian flu has finally come to Marion County.

On Thursday, a goose and a chicken in a hobby flock tested positive for the flu, says the Indiana State Board of Animal Health. That came after two wild birds near the property had also tested positive for the flu.

As with all of the commercial farms and hobby flocks that have been infected across the state, the infected birds were killed to prevent spread. The flock will be under quarantine for deep cleaning and testing, as will other hobby flocks around the area.

The H5 avian flu outbreak began in February. The flu has spread from Dubois to Greene, Elkhart, Johnson, Allen and Marion counties. Nearly 200,000 birds have been infected and later killed to prevent spread. The board says the flu comes from wild birds that are not native to the United States. Their migration path takes them all across the country, which means other areas also get infected.