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There was a time in this world when you had to crash a plane into the Andes Mountains to enjoy the full-bodied flavor of human flesh.

Well, no more, fellow flesh foodie!

Thanks to the Swedish plant-based food brand Oumph, now everyone can satisfy their craving for cannibalism with a juicy human flesh-flavored burger! And best of all, it’s cruelty-free!

Oumph just won a Silver Brand Experience and Activation Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity last week for their “Human Meat Burger.”

“I am incredibly proud of this award and the great teamwork behind it!”, boasted a beaming Henrik Akerman, Oumph’s global brand leader. “Our mission is to change how people eat, and it is our duty to use creativity as a tool to make this change happen. As a small brand we need to be bold and ready to push some boundaries to break through, and I think this campaign is a good example of us doing just that.”

Indeed! Kudos to Oumph for bringing the fabulous fun of feasting on flavorful flesh to meat-munching mouths around the globe. No more must lovers of this fine delicacy suffer the inconvenience and legal consequences of stealing cadavers from medical schools or Buffalo Bill-style butchering of [censored by management] in your makeshift dungeon to satisfy your craving.

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