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EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — 12 people were arrested in Evansville for their alleged involvement in a drug trafficking organization dealing cocaine and methamphetamine.

Three of the people involved were also charged with illegally possessing firearms as convicted felons. The indictment was unsealed Wednesday following their arrests.

Investigators have seized 35 pounds of methamphetamine, 45 grams of cocaine, and 4 firearms.

The following individuals are in custody and have been ordered to appear in court:

  • John Byers, 48, of Bowling Green, Kentucky
  • Lance Foster, 42, of Plano, Texas
  • Octavia Finott, 38, of Evansville
  • Stacey Cabell, 49, of Evansville
  • Taran Johnson, 24, of Evansville
  • William Bacon, 56, of Evansville
  • Thomas Vest, 27, of Evansville
  • James Musgrave, 39, of Evansville
  • Robert Brown, Jr., 51, of Evansville
  • Tony Johnson, 31, of Evansville
  • Tyron Northington, 33, of Evansville
  • Antwan Hendry, 48, of Evansville

Police say John Byers, of Bowling Green, Kentucky, was the leader of the organization. Byers supplied other members of the organization with methamphetamine and cocaine to ship to the Evansville area, according to a statement.

All of these individuals face charges for a conspiracy to sell methamphetamine, cocaine, and possessing a firearm. Actual sentences will be determined by a federal district court judge.