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Are you a person who is naturally inclined to commit egregious and unwelcome acts of generosity?

Giving that perfect gift in these challenging times of rampant double-digit inflation is harder than ever. But with a little creativity, say experts, you can indulge your need to intrusively bestow thoughtful presents upon others without breaking the bank.

For example, a charitable airline passenger flying from Detroit to Denver recently decided to generously airdrop a picture of his genitals to everyone on his flight!

And a video posted to TikTok captured the blessed moment that grateful flight attendants expressed their gratitude for his thoughtfulness.

@daddystrange333Lawrence Martin from Texas, grossssssss. I saw his ipad had airdrop open so I knew it was him, and yes, i sure did make a scene♬ original sound – DaddyStrange

Yes, sharing is caring.

Sadly, the generous giver was later escorted off the plane and apprehended by law enforcement officers.

Apparently, some people just hate presents.