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Last weekend’s Republican State Convention yielded some surprising victories for frustrated conservative voters  The most savory of them all: Republicans expressed their utter disdain for Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb by nominating what WIBC’s Rob Kendall called “the equivalent of the local town goof” to run for Secretary of State.

Former congressional candidate Diego Morales defeated ousted current Secretary of State Holli Sullivan in her bid just one year after Governor Holcomb appointed her to complete the term of her predecessor, Connie Lawson.

But Morales’ track record in Indiana politics is less than impressive, notes Kendall.

“Morales previously worked in the office under two of Sullivan’s three predecessors, and both times he was fired or resigned due to criticism of his performance,” Kendall told listeners Monday. “He previously broke campaign finance laws, and on top of that, we still don’t know exactly how this guy earns a living.”

Morales also drew controversy in the past for calling the 2020 election a “scam” and criticizing Sullivan for not being more vocal about election security.

But Kendall says Morales’ nomination isn’t about the man himself, it’s about sending a message to Governor Eric Holcomb. He explains in the clip below.