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WASHINGTON–The U.S. is “in for a tough summer” when it comes to gas prices, according to Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

“Driving season just started and we know there will continue to be upward pull on demand,” said Granholm on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday.

She says the U.S. and all countries need to increase supply because demand is increasing.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb has said that he is not in favor of suspending the gas tax. The idea of the federal government suspending the national gas tax has been brought up. Granholm isn’t in favor of that.

“Part of the challenge with the gas tax is that it funds the roads and we just did a big infrastructure deal to help fund the roads,” said Granholm.

There is also supposed to be an economic slowdown.

“I expect the economy to slow. It’s been growing at a rapid rate. We’ve reached full employment. It’s natural now that we expect a transition to steady and stable growth. But I don’t think a recession is at all inevitable,” said Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on ABC’s “This Week”.

GasBuddy says the average price for gas across Indiana is $5.14. It is $5.12 in Indianapolis, $5.15 in Fort Wayne, and it is $4.93 in Evansville.