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INDIANAPOLIS – You’ve probably heard meteorologists talk about the warm temperatures that are expect this week in Indiana, but that’s not the only threat. Health experts want you to know about the dangers of heat exhaustion, and how it could land you in the hospital.

With temperatures reaching the mid to upper 90’s Tuesday and Wednesday, it’s important to know what heat exhaustion looks like. “Initially you’ll develop with just feeling poorly, kind of rundown, excessive perspiration,” says Chris Ross, a Community Health Network Physician. “That can gradually become something like heat stroke where you become confused, you don’t perspire anymore, you’re body temperature raises, and that’s a true emergency.”

He says infants and the elderly are two groups who are most at risk. That’s because they’re not as mobile as most other people, and could struggle to find shade or water.

There are steps that can be taken to avoid heat exhaustion, says Ross. “Make sure you’re getting plenty to drink, make sure you’re staying in the shade whenever it’s hot outside. If you’re at a sporting event, or if you’re actually a participant in a sporting event, make sure you’re taking frequent breaks.”

He says if you start feeling any symptoms of heat exhaustion to take a break, go inside and drink some water.