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It may be possible Republicans and Democrats have come together for a new gun deal. Senate bargainers announced the bipartisan framework Sunday in response to the latest mass shootings in Uvalde and Buffalo, New York.

The proposal includes making juvenile records available of gun buyers under the age of 21 when they undergo background checks. The deal will also require people who sell guns to obtain federal dealers’ licenses. In addition, the agreement would offer money to states to implement “red flag” laws, which Indiana already implements.

Editor note: Red flag laws allow certain people to petition to have firearms taken from someone they consider to be a possible threat to themselves or others. 

The new gun deal does not mention a ban on assault weapons or a change in age for purchasing a weapon.

Guy Relford, “The Gun Guy,” says this is most likely just a move for Republicans to appease the ‘woke’ -despite any of the above changes actually contributing to the prevention of mass shootings.

“It looks like what they did, and we knew Republicans were doing this, they started going through varying proposals, not so much looking at what would actually affect mass shootings or school shootings in particular, but just something they can get passed… they want to be able to check the box ‘yes we did something.’”

The proposal has a backing of at least 10 Republican senators.

Tony Katz talked to Guy Relford, “The Gun Guy,” discuss if there is devil in the details of this proposal, if the changes would be affective, and more.