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STATE WIDE--You may be feeling some of the hottest temperatures in Indiana in more than a decade Tuesday and Wednesday, says the National Weather Service. Today will be hot, too, but with a chance for thunderstorms to possibly cool it down some.

“Those temperatures are focused mainly over the western half of central Indiana today and then will spread across the entire area tomorrow and Wednesday,” said Meteorologist Mike Ryan, with the National Weather Service.

You can expect temperatures into the mid 90s today, especially over the western half of the state. You may see and feel temperatures in the mid to upper 90s Tuesday and Wednesday.

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“The core of the heat is gonna build in Tuesday and Wednesday. Right now, we think we’re gonna see some of the warmest temperatures…in nearly a decade,” said Ryan.

The heat indices, what it feels like on your skin, may make it as high as 105 to 110 degrees Tuesday and Wednesday, prompting the National Weather Service to issue a heat avisory. They suggest you stay indoors if you can, drink lots of water and check on pets.

Ryan said a thunderstorm or two, possibly to severe limits, could cool things down Monday. But, any chances for rain will likely be gone by Tuesday.