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If you haven’t seen “Top Gun: Maverick,” you might want to head to theaters before it gets pulled.

Here’s What’s Happening:

The original film was based on a 1983 magazine story called “Top Guns,” written by a guy named Ehud Yonay, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Now, Yonay’s heirs are taking advantage of a provision in copyright law that allows authors to reclaim the rights to their works after 35 years. They say Paramount didn’t renew the rights to the original article before making the sequel, therefore the follow-up film is unauthorized.

The family has filed a copyright lawsuit seeking to have “Top Gun: Maverick” yanked from theaters.

One of the lawyers representing the Yonay family also represented the writers of the original “Predator” movie, who sued 20th Century Fox to regain the rights to their screenplay.

The lawyer is also representing the heirs of some comic book writers who want to regain the rights to characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.