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Mayor Joe Hogsett and Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears railed against gun violence Friday at an event sponsored by the Indianapolis chapter of “Mom’s Demand Action” to recognize June 3rd as “National Gun Violence Prevention Day.”

It’s an issue that hits home for Mayor Hogsett and Prosecutor Mears. In 2021 alone, Indianapolis lost 271 lives to gun violence under their ‘tough on cops, weak on crime’ stewardship, the highest number of homicides on record.

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“It’s true that the tools we possess at city government to address gun violence are, frankly, insufficient,” Hogsett, a frequent outspoken critic of the law enforcement community, claimed.

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The Mayor also used the occasion to recite gun-control advocates’ most cherished and deceptive slogan as he called for “common-sense gun safety reforms,” code for “More Restrictions on Your Constitutional Right to Bear Arms.”

“They can wield the urgency of this moment, where the stark choice is between more life or more death,” Hogsett said.

Marion County Prosecutor Ryan Mears, known for his habit of enabling violent offenders to commit more heinous crimes while out on bond, also spoke at the event.

“The causes of gun violence are complex, but part of the solution is making sure that everybody has a permit when they carry those handguns,” Mears said, presumably referring to law-abiding citizens rather than violent criminals on bond or house arrest, who generally prefer to use unlicensed or stolen guns to perpetrate their crimes.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this article failed to mention that some violent offenders in the city of Indianapolis who commit crimes while out on bond opt to stab their victims rather than shoot them. We apologize for the error.

“Part of the solution is making sure we ban assault rifles, and that weapons of war have no place in our community,” continued Mears, who declined to use Indiana’s red flag law against the man who killed eight people and himself at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis last year.

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Fun Fact: As a result of Prosecutor Mears’ failure to use existing law to help prevent the FedEx tragedy, red flag law cases must now be presented to a judge. This change circumvents the prosecutor’s office in that process, potentially helping to save lives in the future.

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WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel have more commentary on Hogsett and Mears’ appearance at last Friday’s event in the clip below.