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WASHINGTON–Fixing inflation to get prices down won’t be easy, says Indiana Congresswoman Victoria Spartz. She told WISH TV’s All INdiana Politics that she believes Republicans need to win back control of the U.S. House and reverse policies that she says have become too burdensome.

She said creating good manufacturing policies and producing more goods in the United States is not the only answer. She sais diversification is also necessary, making sure we’re getting our supplies from more than just a few counties.

Spartz said America would do well “By incentivizing more production in the country or diversifying where we’re not depending on China, but having diversification in Latin America and Europe, so we have more friends and allies being our partners”.


She also blamed government for the inflation and supply chain problems, and not just for flooding the markets with cash during COVID.

“By cutting the regulations instead of just choking our businesses with unreasonable laws,” Spartz said the U.S. can free those businesses for commerce.

When asked about the baby formula shortage, Spartz said the blame goes mainly to the Food and Drug Administration, who is responsible for regulating formula production.

“We need to reform the FDA. The FDA became a political organization with a lot of drama and big government,” she said. “Baby formula situation is directly related to politics of the FDA and we cannot continue doing that way. We need to provide safety standards and we need to hold companies accountable. But, we also cannot create barriers to competition.”