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WASHINGTON — As more states hold primary elections ahead of the general election later in November, many GOP candidates seem to be getting measures based on if they have received an endorsement from former President Donald Trump.

So far voters have been indifferent to Trump-endorsed candidates in primaries with some candidates cashing in big on the endorsement, while others have fallen flat. Sen. Todd Young (R-IN) is squaring off with Hammond Mayor Tom McDermott (D) for his Senate set in November.

Young has not gotten an endorsement yet from Trump. Granted, Young did not have a primary challenger.

“I think the proper narrative there is I was able to stand on my own two feet,” Young said on Fox News Radio. “Republicans can make their own name, they can build their own reputations, and their own reservoir of trust with those people they represent.”

Young is confident Republicans will do well with or without Trump’s influence, especially with several of the issues surrounding this year’s election, such as record inflation.

“As I travel around Indiana this is, by far, the number one issue I hear about,” said Young. “The wicked thing about inflation is once you’re in an inflationary environment it’s very difficult to find your way out of it, which is why you want to do everything possible to avoid it. And this could have been avoided.”

Young again blames aggressive spending by Democrats during a rapidly growing economy as the reason why inflation has skyrocketed.