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MOUNT VERNON, Ind.–Thirty-two beagles may be put down Tuesday. The dogs were used in experiments at Inotiv’s lab near Mount Vernon, said the Humane Society of the United States.

The group attempted Friday to protest the use of dogs in testing at the laboratory. The protest involved taking 80 collars and leashes for the dogs to represent the life they would have outside of the laboratory, which tests reactions to drugs.

The HSUS conducted a seven-month undercover investigation and now accuses Inotiv of cruelty, saying the company continued routinely to test drugs on the dogs after they vomited or showed other adverse reactions to the drugs. Inotiv refused delivery of the collars and leashes, as seen on the HSUS Indiana Facebook page.

LINK: Humane Society report on investigation

The company asked the Humane Society to leave.

“The animals spent their days behind bars and were subjected to painful procedures such as force-feeding substances via stomach tubes, injections and multiple blood draws. Young primates were often held in restraint chairs for long periods of time during these procedures. Most of the animals were killed at the end of the studies, as is typical for any drug testing,” said a report on the investigation.

The group is asking that the dogs be released. Both the Humane Society of Ft. Wayne and the Vanderburgh County Humane Society agreed to take the dogs.

The Human Society was also asking Gov. Holcomb to stop the euthanizations.