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STATEWIDE–Rain is expected to return to most of Indiana starting Tuesday night, according to the National Weather Service.

“Late Tuesday night into Wednesday will be the first round of showers and possibly a few storms. We’ll be dealing with occasional chances for showers and storms for the rest of the week afterward,” said Andrew White, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis.

At this point, White believes severe weather isn’t likely.

“Yeah not right now. It is looking like there will be rain with a few rumbles of thunder. The best chances for severe weather would probably be sometime Friday. We will be keeping an eye on that as we go later in the week,” said White.

White believes it will warm up into the upper 80s by Friday.

“So we’ll get a little break from the 80s today and Tuesday before it warms up by Friday. Then after Friday, it looks like it will cool back down into the 70s as we head into the weekend,” said White.

White also urges you to wear sunscreen anytime you are outside.

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