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INDIANAPOLIS — There was a shooting early Wednesday morning along the canal in downtown Indianapolis. Four people were wounded, according to the Indianapolis Metro Police.

Police say two officers on bikes heard gunshots just after midnight near the Colts Canal Playspace, immediately east of the canal between West St. Clair and West Walnut Streets.

They found three adult women and a 17-year-old girl who had been shot. All the victims shot are stable and likely to be okay, said IMPD Nightwatch Commander Kerry Buckner.

Some of the victims shot had children with them and one person involved was walking their dog. IMPD did not say if the dog was injured.

Police believe the shooting happened when two groups of people on opposite sides of the canal pulled out guns during an argument.

IMPD released this photo Wednesday afternoon of  the area where the shooting happened.

Picture taken of the Canal where a shooting occurred on May 11, 2022


“It is warming up, and it’s obvious that people cannot control themselves on a warm night in Indianapolis,” Buckner said. “The canal used to be a real nice place to come down [and] bring your family to walk at night. Yeah, not anymore.”

Buckner says people living along the canal are “over” the crime and recklessness of others.

“We have a lot of witnesses because the people that live here are fed up. They’re fed up with what’s going on and they have cameras and they pay attention and they tell us and they talk to us.”

Police are still investigating and have not identified any suspects.

In addition, police say a person accidentally shot themselves nearby on the canal. That person is also expected to survive.