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PERU, Ind.--An Indiana state trooper is charged with misdemeanor battery in an incident involving a female co-worker. Master Trooper Michael Meiser, 42, has been placed on administrative duty after being accused of sniffing the female trooper, then pointing her head toward his groin.

The trooper told police investigating the March 20 incident that she was embarrassed, humiliated and degraded.

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She said what Meiser did was seen by other people at the Indiana State Police firearms range in Peru.

Charging documents say Meiser first sniffed the trooper, then dropped money on the ground. She went to pick it up and, according the documents, he moved her head toward his groin, then thrusted toward her, saying, “Here’s a way for you to earn the money.”

When poli9ce confronted him about the incident on April 27, documents say he admitted the accusations were true.

He was arrested last week, and is out of jail on bail.

Meiser has been a state trooper for 16 years.