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EVANSVILLE, Ind.–Casey White and Vicky White didn’t plan to be taken alive. Vanderburgh County Sheriff Dave Wedding said in a Tuesday press conference that White told him in an interview that he would have shot it out with cops, had U.S. marshals not rammed their vehicle, causing them to wreck.

“He said that he was probably gonna have a shootout at the stake of both of them losing their lives,” said Wedding, describing the guns they had, which included at least four handguns, which were semi-automatic, and an AR-15.

The couple also had about $29,000 cash, which was left over after they purchased the F-150, in which they drove to Evansville from Tennessee. That’s why when Evansville Police ran the tag, at least twice, it did not raise any red flags. Wedding said he does not know how they got the Cadillac they were in when they wrecked.

LISTEN: Some of Sheriff Dave Wedding’s press conference

The two were staying in a motel, where they had paid in advance for a two-week stay.

“He said that he was just trying to find a place to hide out and lay low,” said Wedding, speaking of his interview with Casey White. The two left Alabama April 29 after Vicky White, then a guard at the Lauderdale County Jail, helped Casey White escape. “They thought they’d driven long enough they wanted to stop for a while and get their bearings straight and then figure out their next place to travel.”

Wedding said Evansville was just a random place for them.

“We don’t believe they have any relatives, friends or acquaintances in Evansville or Vanderburgh County.”

Wedding said while they stayed in the motel they had disguises.

“Wigs. They had multiple wigs,” he said.

An Evansville Police officer noticed their Cadillac in the parking lot (Wedding did not explain how they knew what vehicle to look for), and the sheriff’s department started surveillance. That’s when the couple bolted and the chase started.

Now that Casey White is in custody, he will be going back to Alabama. Wedding said he’d signed a waiver of extradition. But, he said the public would not know the date or time of the transfer, to keep it from beaconing a public spectacle.

Wedding said he is grateful for the work of everyone involved, and is glad no officers were hurt.

“I want to bring my people home and I don’t care about the fugitives’ lives, if it protects my people’s live,” he said.

“Their plan was pretty faulty. They’re criminals and their plan was faulty and it failed. Thank God.”