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As a Second Amendment attorney and licensed firearm instructor, Guy Relford gets a lot of complex legal questions. But he gets a very simple one a lot, “hey Guy, what gun should I buy?” After several months talking about constitutional carry and what’s going on at the Indiana Statehouse, Guy switched gears on Saturday afternoon to talk about a host of practical firearm topics.

If you ask Guy that question, he’s more than likely going to ask you a few questions of his own. Why do you want to carry again? How do you want to a carry a gun? Do you want to carry that gun with you or is it just going to sit in a safe and rarely leave the walls of your home? All of these questions are important to considering when purchasing a firearm.

He’s also going to tell you that buying a gun is like buying a car. Or a house. Or…underwear? The point is, he’s going to tell you that buying a gun is a very intimate experience and it should never be decided for you. So, shoot as many guns as possible. Test out as many holsters as possible. Be as educated as possible and make the process personal.

On Satuday’s edition of the Gun Guy, Guy dives into all of these topics and speaks to Ryan Christopher from Rock N’ Guns about holsters and how to pick the right gun. If you’re trying to decide which gun is best for you, this is the show for you. Guy won’t tell you which gun to buy, but how to go about figuring out which one is best for you.

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