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INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Republican Congresswoman Victoria Spartz is concerned that the aid the U.S. is providing Ukraine isn’t going to the right places. She told Fox News that only a small percentage of the aid has gone directly toward the country’s military, something Spartz considers important for ending the conflict with Russia.

President Joe Biden last week asked congress to approve more than $30 billion in additional aid to Ukraine. That would include military, economic and humanitarian assistance, according to Biden. Spartz, who has spent time in Ukraine, remains skeptical.

“I’ve been in Poland twice, and I’ve been in Ukraine twice,” said Spartz. “I haven’t seen evidence of a lot of this humanitarian assistance.”

Spartz is asking for more transparency from congress on how the U.S. is spending it’s money in Ukraine. She wants to make sure the country is getting the help it needs and that Americans know how they’re money is being spent by the U.S. government.