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Indianapolis’ City-County Council will meet Monday to discuss a new proposal that will nearly triple its members’ base pay.

The Democratic leadership has proposed that the city’s 25 part-time councilors’ annual pay increase from $11,400 to $31,075. The base pay is currently 12% of the mayor’s $95,000 salary.

Vice President Zach Adamson told the Indiana Business Journal that the councils pay is “completely inconsistent with compensation throughout the city-county enterprise.” Adamson adds that the council is the “definite outlier in that philosophy of pay equity.”

Tony Katz says the ideology of pay equity is part of the Democrats problem. Before pay increase is even discussed, he asks what they have done for the city to earn it.

“What do you bring that makes it worth it? The City County Council cannot point to anything in the last three years that makes them worth it. Don’t tell me about pay equity, tell me about the meritocracy.”

This is the fourth attempt at a pay raise in seven years. According to IBJ, councilors have not received a raise since 2002.