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Guy Relford is a man of many talents. He’s a successful lawyer. He’s a successful broadcaster. He dresses really well too.

Guy also happens to be a licensed firearms instructor. Therefore, he has a tendency to CARRY A FIREARM on his person at all times. It goes with the image. But more importantly, “Gun Guy” Guy Relford lives in Indianapolis and regularly frequents the area of Monument Circle – a beloved landmark well known in the era of Joe Hogsett for occasional shootings, stabbings, riots, and crowd fights. Homeless people defecate in the area as well!

On Monday afternoon, our beloved and ARMED hero, Guy Relford, was on his way to the WIBC studios for another fun-filled edition of “Monday Gun Day” with the Hammer and Nigel Show.

Guy had just enjoyed a satisfying delicious sandwich at a nearby food establishment. Belly full and heart happy, Relford carefully navigated his way through the minefield of homeless feces scattered about the Circle on his way to WIBC.

Suddenly, a VOICE cried out  – a voice of an overly aggressive homeless lunatic demanding money.

Relford politely declined. Aggressive homeless lunatic impolitely refused to take “no” for an answer. Things escalated quickly.

Guy Relford shares what happened next with Hammer and Nigel in the clip below.