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WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind.--Some high-grade rocket fuel and motors are being made in Indiana, that the company making them believes will give our missiles and rockets more range, and will give the U.S. an advantage in defense.

Adranos is headquartered at the Purdue Research Park in Lafayette, and just got a $20 million round of funding to continue testing and research to make the products better.

“After we had good data the investors were obviously excited. Customers were likewise excited,” said Adranos CEO Chris Stoker, talking to Inside Indiana Business. The “good data” he was speaking of was a successful round of testing for the U.S. Air Force and Navy, of the motors and fuel, called ALITEC.

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The fuel is an aluminum-lithium alloy fuel, which the company has developed. Advances have come quickly for the company, which was started in 2015, and the developers want to keep that momentum going.

“I’ve known for years that we have a phenomenal product that can have a huge impact on the world. Because of that, this s sort of the tip of the iceberg. I think over the next few years you’re going to see more and more progress,” said Stoker.

Michael Grasso, the vice president for Space Systems and Government Relational Adranos, tells IIB he believes Indiana has made defense and aerospace priorities.

He said that priority is aligned with the Army’s number one modernization goal, “which is long-range precision fires and effectively increasing the range of its missile systems.”