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PLAINFIELD, Ind. — Walmart says they are permanently closing the warehouse that caught fire in March with no plans to rebuild and reopen it.

Ever since the fire, Walmart has been offering other jobs within the company to workers who are displaced from their jobs at the warehouse. So far just over 900 have taken the company up on its offer.

However, 1,132 workers have still not decided. Walmart has placed a deadline of July 1st for most of those workers to make a decision whether they will accept a job offer elsewhere within the company.

If workers have not submitted an answer to the company by that time, Walmarts says they will be “separated from the company.”

Salaried workers at the warehouse have until July 15th to make a decision.

Walmart said all separated employees will also have the opportunity to apply for open jobs at Walmart and Sam’s Club stores if they wish to do so.

Fire investigators are still trying to figure out how the massive fire started. It sent a huge column of smoke into the air, darkening the skies over the Indianapolis metro area, and could be seen as far away as Greencastle. It could even be seen from space.

No one was killed in the blaze.

Walmart said though they are closing the fulfillment center, they continuing to work with Duke Realty, who owns the property, on what to do next with the land.